Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do, and a rather rewarding one! We utilize a multilevel marketing plan, which is quick and easy to explain, fair and lucrative. In this kind of plan, a new member will always be placed on your first level, and the biggest advantage in this structure is, that there will not be any limit in the amount of members that you are sponsoring. The compensation is paid in Bitcoins till the 7th level, and is paid from every new Bitcoin deposit a member in your downline makes, not only from the first one. Active and Passive! First level pays you 7%, second level 4%, third level 3%, fourth level 3%, fifth level 3%, sixth level 3% and seventh level also 3%. How much levels you get paid depends on the amount of members and Bitcoin deposits within your network. The 7% of the first level you get immediately, when you sponsor a direct member and have an own minimum Bitcoin deposit of 0.15 BTC.

It isn’t hard to decide to invest according to the fundamentals. What’s hard is sticking with it. After all, markets rise and fall. Events happen in the world and in our lives. Hot tips get traded at the club. And even the most experienced investor can be swayed from the course. At OPTIOMENT, we’ve spent years developing processes that help keep us focused on long-term strategy. Because there’s no magic that creates a successful investor – it’s about experience, diligence, and attention to detail. Here at OPTIOMENT we generate healthy and stable long-term returns by doing Arbitrage Trading and also manual Crypto-Forex Trading, which has been launched recently.

At the moment about 1/4 of the entire portfolio comprises of the founder’s private capital. The net profits of OPTIOMENT are also reinvested to make it perform even stronger.

Yes. You can choose between 30% to 70% reinvestment of your weekly Bitcoin interest.

Bitcoin interest is paid on a weekly basis starting from the first week after you have made your deposit.

The maximum Bitcoin deposit for a single account has been set to 100,000 BTC.

Becoming an OPTIOMENT member has been made really easy. All you need to do is get a referral-link from a person, who is already member of OPTIOMENT, follow it, complete the online registration form and make your first deposit via Bitcoin. We don’t ask you to submit lengthy application forms or any other paperwork.

The minimum initial Bitcoin amount required to open a depot in OPTIOMENT is 0.15 BTC.

The minimum Bitcoin amount for withdrawal is 0.01 BTC.

We can offer our members a fixed Bitcoin interest rate of 1.5%, 2% or 4% per week, depending on plan and deposit time.

Everything is manageable via the password, username and second factor protected members’s area.

Even though OPTIOMENT does everything to minimize the risk of its members by keeping a certain amount of the profits as a capital reserver, using a sophisticated trading software, taking care that not all of the members Bitcoins are used for trading at the same time and prohibiting 100% reinvest (max. 70%) to guarantee immediate return on investment, there remains a certain risk to the Bitcoin deposits of the members as we cannot foresee all the developments on the trading-market.

If you decided to be part of our project, which we truly think you should, you would benefit from a minimum Bitcoin deposit of 0.15 BTC and above, 1.5%, 2% or 4% weekly Bitcoin interest (taxfree or non taxable in most countries) and the simplicity of modern Bitcoin investing. We don’t charge you any fees (despite the small obligatory blockchain miner-fee, when making a deposit) like sign-up fee, AUM (assets under management) fee, performance fee nor any other hidden nor unreasonable fee whatsoever. And we respect your total anonymity.

Offering Bitcoin as the only deposit option will provide you with a number of competitive advantages, like the lack of investment fund license requirements, significant savings on license application costs and monthly fees, not subject to taxation or even taxable in many countries, faster time to the market, high member loyalty and most important for your own financial safety and privacy, complete anonymity for the members. Bitcoin is also fast, secure and modern way of doing business. Last but not least, nobody can ever limit the money flowing in and out, no matter what new regulations the bankrupt governments around the Globe might come up with. Safety is everything so in Bitcoin we trust!

If you have got any technical problems our support will be glad to help you. Pls. write an email to including your USERNAME, a thorough description of your problem and, if necessary, attach SCREENSHOTS of wallet, payment lists, etc…